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Welcome to BloggerJust (BJ) – a blog where you will learn how to improve your Blogging & Technological skill and much more… In fact, it is a community of selected people to help you…

We try every time to improving information at our website (BloggerJust.com).  Thorough updating it daily or weekly until it has become one of the best helpful set of step-by-step instruction available on that topic which is related to BloggerJust categories.


How BloggerJust Works?

When we get critical issues or problems from different people’s.  Then we accept such as a challenge ‘’ yes a challenge ‘’ to give them solid solutions. How?

We have our research and development team which work hard “Day and Night” and search information to their related issues which is helpful for that problem. We collect information from its various sources such as (book and expert or experience peoples).

When we have enough information to their main source. Then we are combining the information together to get more solid and effective post to complete your Need’s.

-:  Here’s the deal.

  1.    BloggerJust constantly tries to bring high-quality articles and videos to help them people make their life easier. 
  2.   You can ask us any questions anytime as related to our blog or its categories; we try to give your answer as soon as possible
  3. This blog has many categories, but mainly they are:-
  • Blogging Tips                                                                         (Related to Blogging)
  • Computer Tips                                                                       (Related to Hardware and Software)
  • Word press Tips                                                                    (Related to Themes and Plug-in, etc…)
  • Gaming Tips                                                                          (Related to PC, PS4, and other Games)
  • Search Engine Optimization                                              (Related to SEO Problems)
  • Traffic Building Tips                                                            (Help to Increases Website Ranking)
  • Social Media                                                                          (Help to gain Traffic From Social Media)
  • Money Making Tips                                                             (Help to gain money from cyber  World)
  • Internet Marketing and Advertisement                          (How to do Online Marketing & Advertisement)
  • And Much More                                                                   (Related to People Issues or other Problems)



About Sayyed Azam -(Founder of BloggerJust)

Hey guys,        

                    Welcome to BloggerJust let me formerly introduce myself to you. I’m Sayyed Azam and I’m passionate about Blogging and Technology.

I’m 18-year-old boy; from India. I finished my school from Buddha Public School in 2014. Now I’m studying about “Computer Application” from Integral University Lucknow, India. Computer and Technology are always my passion since; I was in my joiner school.

I spend most of my time on BloggerJust working behind the scenes. I and my-team-made employs help keep BloggerJust moving forward. Our headquarter are in my house, yes a house in U.P India. I always like to think about my blog and plan on how to make it more popular and helpful.

Everything, I published is super actionable and designed to get help you. I shared each and everything which I learn and know about technology and blogging.

I like to make money by blog or online affiliate programs. I will try to encourage other’s to do something and fulfill their dreams.

Thanks’ to all of you reader and friends for joining us and reading our about page or other posts. We hope you continue your support with BloggerJust.com. If our post and videos are helpful to you, so please like, follow and subscribe this blog and get regular new kinds of stuff.

Post your problems and suggestion for this blog and help us to move this blog to the next level; because without you and your support, BloggerJust is incomplete.

Once again thanks to all for reading us.

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