How To Find A Good Domain Name for Your Website

So, you are thinking to create your own website to introduce your knowledge or services with each and every one. To successfully run a website, you need a good domain name. Your domain name reflects your website image, which tells the audience about your website. Domain names are easy to buy, but it is hard to choose. so, We will help you in choosing a good domain name.
You have to take care of few things during your domain name selection. Whether is a blog of an official website.

How To Find A Good Domain Name for Your Website

To create a website you required so many things, but these two things you need in the beginning.

1) Domain Name
2) web Hosting

The domain name is your website address or name of your website and web hosting is a place where you store your website data. Which helps your website to available 24 hours on the internet and it can be open anytime.

The following methods will help you to pick out a better domain name.

Easy to Type and Easy to Pronounce

The website name should be easy to write and easy to pronounce. If you did not use any complex word in your domain name, then it is easier to speak. That is one of the big factors of a good domain name. If you use these type of words ( learn n grow ), then it will increase the chances of the typing mistake. It’s also affecting your SEO ranking and it may be harder for customers to find your website. It must be like (learn and Grow).

Be Unique

I suggest never use that type of words which already most popular and have been taken by others. Use such type of keywords which is related to your website category. Like if you are planning to create a teaching website, so you can write ( or ( One more thing, your domain name must be unique but not be foolish.

Easy to Remember

Your domain name must be memorable. You don’t want to take the risk people’s forget the name of your website after using it. If peoples have difficulty in remembering the name of your website. Then, nobody never has been able to shear your website with each other because no one can remember your domain name.

Keep It Short

This is one of the biggest factors of a good domain name. Short names are easy to type and easy to remember. If your domain name is too long and complex, then you may risk people’s mistyping or spelling error. Whether it is a blog or official website

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Generally, peoples think to buy a domain name, which already famous. They, try to register the same domain name by using hyphens and numbers. Guy’s, this type of mistake should be avoided, it is like suicide.
Hyphens and numbers make your domain name more complex. Which is harder to read, harder to type and also harder in speak.
Example-: (good one) (bad one)

Use Focus Keywords

Mostly peoples think to create the own website on his name, but the most time it proves a wrong idea. Select only those keywords which represent your website category and what the website is about.

Perfect Web Extension

Domain name has two parts are-:
1) First part is domain name like- (Blog Press)
2) Second part is web extension like- (.com), (.org), (.gov)
For a good domain name is important to choose correct web extension. Every web extension stands for different porous.
Such as -:
.com is used for commercial organisation
.gov is used for government organization
.org is used for non-profit organisation
If you are planning to create a blog or official website, then I suggest selecting only .com web extension. Mostly people like to visit the website which has .com web extension because .com is one of the worldwide famous extension.

If you want to focus your website on particular regions or country, then you can also select country web extension which is targeting your area.
Such as -:
.us is used for the United States
.uk is used for the United Kingdom
.in is used for India
But, if you want to target all over the world then I recommend selecting only (.com).

Domain Selection Tools

You can also check your domain name quality after selected it, with the help of these tools and ensure that the domain name you selected is one of the best names.

Flowing Tools -:

If you follow all these tips correctly, then definitely you can get a perfect domain name for your website. By this post, we tried to help you to pick a better website name. But if you have any other questions, so ask us by using comment form bellow here.

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  1. Erck says:

    Hello Azam

    I really like your article it will help me to clear my doubt about Domain name.
    Yur providing tools s really amazing…

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  2. Hi, Erck

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  3. Reta Roy says:

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    I am trying to create a blog which is related to our country
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  4. Hi, Reta Roy

    If you want to create your blog for nationally then choose country
    extension whether you want to focus entire world or not that doesn’t matter.

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