How to Improve Your Website’s Ranking(SEO)

Everyone want to increase traffic on their website and get top rank in search engine, But few of them become successful. Through this post, I will try to give you sufficient knowledge related to website ranking and SEO. A good website ranking depends on various things, such as High-quality content, keyword selection, Metadata implementation, Site linking, and so on. So, now I am going to explain you all one by one.How to Improve Your Website's Ranking SEO


A good quality content article is very important for a top ranking site. It is the main ingredient for any successful website. Without any good knowledge, nobody won’t read your article. That why I always said  that your article should reflect a quality information image for readers. These are the various ways to ensure you content. 

i) Body of The Article
The article should be contained exactly complete information about the article topic. Unnecessary information may be confused the reader and make a bad impression about the website.

ii) Language of The Article
Use easy words and easy language format for your article, which is understandable for your reader. Hard words are typical to understand for any reader.

iii) Make Original Article
The article should be written in your words don’t copy and paste the article from another website. If you copy and paste another person article and your article is plagiarized than may be possible google will band your website from its search engine. It always makes bad effect on your SEO rank. Your article should be at least 70% unique. Check your article plagiarizes or not.


The keyword is a word which searched by a search engine for the related page. In an easy word, When a user enters text in search engine then search engine start searching for pages which have the exactly same Title and Description. These are some free and successful tools which help you to find a perfect keyword for your blog ranking

i) Google Keyword Planner

This is a free tool which helps a lot to find a good title for our article. Google keyword planner is very easy to use, sing up with your google account in google AdWord site. click on tools and then click on the keyword planner. write your title in the first box and click on GET IDEA.Google Keyword Planner

 Then click on kEYWORD IDEAS  now select the high-rank keyword and add in your title.

ii) Bing Research Keywords
This also works as well as google keyword planner. Bing and yahoo have same Search Engine Optimizer. In fact, these search engine also have good market share in different countries so, you should also check this tools to ensure the great opportunity. Through this tool, you can access bing and yahoo search engine traffic keyword such as google keyword planner. How to use bing research keywords?

Bing keyword planner
It’s works same as google keyword planner. first, you need to create an account on bing ads. Then click on the tool and click on Research Keywords. Now write your title in the first box and click on search.


METADATA is a concept that is used by search engine to optimizing pages SEO. It is written in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) codes. There is too many search engine which used this technic for site ranking and for top page result such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex etc. Metadata is categories in different types along with their TAG called meta tags (<meta>). Keyword Meta Tag, Title meta Tag, and Description Meta Tag  are most important tags. A website without these tags is harder to optimize by a search engine and Typical to become a top ranked website. How to implement these Tags?


i) Keyword Meta Tag
This tag is used to providing keywords or words to search engine which is related to your page. Example if you are writing an article about “Website Ranking” then you should include keywords in your meta tags such as website ranking,search engine optimization, SEO etc. You can find more and better words by keyword selection tools which we explain in 2nd heading.

<meta name=”keywords” content=” website ranking,submit, search engines ranking, submit website, search ranking”> 

iii) Title Meta Tag
The HTML tag is known as the title tag. It appears on the search engine in the form of title where we firs click to open the page. That’s why it is so important to choose good meta tag to get more traffic on your website.

<title>How to Improve Your Website’s Ranking </title>

ii) Description Meta Tag
The Description tag should contain brief information about your article in limited words. Using Correct words in your description helps a lot.

 <meta name=”description” content=”this article providing information how to increase website ranking and SEO performance to increase website traffic and index your website on first page.”> 


A backlink is a link which jumps to next website. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, links, and inward links. When you add another domain link in your article for reference then your site is a backlink for that domain name and when another person uses your website Url for content reference then that website is your backlink. For example, if you post an article about google and you will add Google search engine URL link in that word (google).

So, now your article is a backlink for google. The backlink shows the popularity of any website. That’s why to many search engine (google, yahoo, Yandex etc) use this concept for page Ranking and website ranking means more backlinks then good website rank.
Alexa Traffic Rank is also work in the same concept that more backlink then gets a better site rank. Whatever they count only one site one backlink. Means, if your site uses google URL link in your most of the article, that doesn’t means google get every time more backlink. It counts only one backlink from your website. Whatever how many times you use that URL. Alexa Traffic Rank will add your website in google backlink only one time but forever.

These are 4 major points which help you always to keep your website, in top PageRank of any search engine. Now, I hope you better understand about website ranking and how its works; but if you are not satisfied with this information or have any issue regarding this information. Then tell us using our comment form below here we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.
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