How to Increase Windows Computer Video Ram Memory

V-RAM (Video Random Access Memory) is a part of ram which plays very important and unique role in computer graphics performance. V-RAM performance depends upon its memory storage capacity and transfer rate of memory. By increasing V-RAM memory capacity, we take the high quality of graphics performance from it. But before proceed its important to you to know what is V-RAM, how its work? and how much we increase our V-RAM.

How to Increase Windows Computer Video Ram Memory

What is Video RAM (V-RAM)

Video RAM (V-RAM) is a high-speed variant of dynamic RAM (DRAM) which was commonly used to store the Framebuffer (A-Frame buffer or sometime Framestore is a portion of ram containing a bitmap that is driven to a video display from a memory buffer containing a complete frame of data) in graphics adapter or graphics card.
V-RAM has two sets of data output pins and thus two ports that can be used together.

The first port is DRAM port is accessed by the host computer in a manner to provide help in the common and light task to make it easy and faster.


The second port is dedicated to providing a high output. V-RAM used to store the image and video data that a computer displays. V-RAM is integrated circuits that serve as a buffer between the V-RAM and video card which ensuing data channel for the graphics chipset to generate graphics power. V-RAM was originally designed as a high-resolution graphics adapter.

List of 4 Different type of  V-RAM

SGRAM- Synchronous Graphic Random Access Memory is a type of DRAM. SGRAM synchronize itself with the GPU bus clock up to speed of 100 MHz and Data will be modified in single process

RDRAM- Rambus Dynamic Random Acces Memory is one of the fastest V-RAM which transfers up to 1.6 billion bytes per second at 800 MHz of RAM speed it has the dual channel which doubles the transfer rate speed.

WRAM- Windows Random Acces Memory is a high-performance and dual ported V-RAM and 25 % percent more bandwidth regular V-RAM in less cost.

MDRAM Multibank Dynamic Random Access Memory is a type of video ram which divide memory into 32 KB parts or banks which accessed separately. Concurrent access of the memory increases overall performance; MDRAM is less expensive than most V-RAM.

How to Find How Much Video Ram you have



1) Press the START button and go to CONTROL PANEL






4) On the middle of the screen click on ADVANCED SETTING


5) New windows should appear with your video adapter’s properties. Your video card’s memory is under the Adapter tab in the Dedicated video memory section.

Increase Windows Pc V-RAM Memory Size

1) Restart your computer windows and see which key show BIOS setting


2) Enter in BIOS setting by pressing <F2> key [Note: Every brand have different keys to entering in BIOS setting, but normally these keys are <F2>,<F10> or <Del>.


3) When you are entered in BIOS setting then look for HD intel Graphics shear memory setting or Frame buffer size etc. Which is placed in a category like “advanced“, “chipset configuration” or “graphics chipset” etc

4)Then select the option like “Framebuffer size” etc


5)To change the value size press “Enter” key, now popup window appears on screen

6)Select your video ram memory size and press “Enter” key again now chipset update memory size. [Note: video ram memory is also part of RAM.  So, make sure a balance should maintain between a ram and video ram when you’re doing these changes. Select V-RAM memory size according to your RAM.]

RAM                 V-RAM memory size
2 GB                      256 MB
4GB                        512 MB
8GB                      1024 MB



7) Press <F10>key to “Save and Exit”, now confirmation popup appears on screen select “YES” and then press Enter Key.20150428_143137

Windows will be restart. Now go and check once again your video ram memory is increased.With more video ram in your PC, you can do such a heavy task like HD gaming or 3D work on Photoshop with performance. If you have any problem or issue during these changes ask us by using our comment form.

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