How To Install WordPress On Windows PC Using XAMPP Step By Step

XAMPP is one of the most popular software which helps to install WordPress on the local computer. It is very easily to manage your work and user-friendly software. There are also other source and software are available in the market which helps to install WordPress such as WAMP or Microsoft but none of these better than XAMPP.

How To Install WordPress On Windows PC Using XAMPP Step By Step

What is XAMPP

XAMPP is a free and open source of the web server package software. Its provide freedom to use WordPress for a self-hosting account of it users through offline.
XAMPP is also contained so many others features are-
* Apache
*Opes SSL
*XAMPP Control Panel
*Mercury Mail Transport System
*File Zilla FTP Server
*Strawberry Perl

The main goal of XAMPP is to allow website designers and programmers to test their work on their own computers without any access to the internet.
Once XAMPP is installed, it is possible to treat a host by connecting using an FTP client. on any platform such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

Install XAMPP in Windows Pc

1) Download latest version of XAMPP from the official website –APACHEFRIENDS.ORG


i) Now click on (here) and you will redirect to XAMPP windows software list page.


ii) Now chose one option from the list according to your computer specification, for windows 7 I recommend 3rd one.

2)Once your download was completed then double-click on it, to start installation setup.


i)  Make sure all boxes are checked, for using all feature of XAMPP.
ii) Click Next to choose where you want to install XAMPP on your computer (I recommend “c “drive).
iii) Continue the installation by clicking on Next button. When your installation is completed then click on Finish.


3) Open XAMPP control panel
i) Start Apache by click on the start button (Apache is the database)
ii) start MySQL by click on the start button(MySQL is the web server)


4) Download the latest version of WordPress file from official website- WORDPREES.ORG
i)Extract the contents of Zipping file called “
ii) open your web browser and type “localhost” in URL and select the language. Now XAMPP page appears in your web browser.


5)  Now, Open My Computer > Local Disk c > xampp > htdocs or (C:\xampp\htdocs) remember if you do not install xampp in ( c drive ) then chose your drive at the place of local disk c .
i) Copy WordPress folder into “htdocs” folder.


ii) Open the web browser and type “localhost/wordpress” in URL and select your language for WordPress.


iii) Click on “create a configuration file” button. Now you redirect to WordPress startup page but before proceed you have to create your database.

 Create a Database on XAMPP


6) Open your web browser and type “localhost/xamppx” in URL. (ensure Apache and MySQL are runing)
i) Click on PhpMyAdmin



ii) Click on database
iii)Write your database name (Ex-bloggerjust) and click on “create” button. Now your database is successfully created.

 Add a new User to your Database with Password Protection.


7)click on “User” and then click on “Add User” button

i) Fill the information of user
a) your username-
b) select- “local
c) Password
d) Retype password-
e)Keep generating password box blank


ii) Database for user is “un-checked”
iii) Global privileges are “check all
iV) Click on “Go” Button to create a user. Now your username is also successfully created with password protected.

Start WordPress Installation

8)Open your web browser then open tab of “localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php” and click on “Let’s go!” button.


i) Fill the information for WordPress


a)  your database name
b) your username
c) your password
d) ” localhost
e) ” wp_
ii) Click on “submit” button. Now, you are redirected to the installation page.


iii) Click on “Run the Install” button.

9) Fill your Website information.


i)  your website title
ii) your username
iii) your password
iv) your e-mail
v) allow to search engine to index this site is “checked
vi) Click on “Install WordPress” button.

Now WordPress is successfully installed. Type your Username and Password to Login on WordPress. Congratulations! You have successfully completed WordPress installation by using XAMPP on windows PC. If you are facing any trouble or issues during the installation, ask us by using our comment form.

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