How To Start A Blog

Hey, so you want to start a blog. That’s cool!
Now these days, blogging has become a very popular among peoples.
It attracts more people than in history. Nowadays, every company, celebrities, and professional people have created their blog. You also want to create a blog of your own, right! But you do not know how to get started. Blogging is not easy as you thought. You had before started a blog has to have an excellent plan. A plan, which helps you to grow faster and make you the upper hand with your competitor. To get a perfect plan you have to understand basics of blogging. I will teach you each and every key factor for a successful blog. I assure you at the end of this article you will be ready to create your own perfect blog. So let’s start!!

How to start A blog
Choose Right Topic For A Blog

It’s your first step toward your blog and it should be correct. Choose your blog category according to your knowledge. Choosing category beyond your knowledge could be causing trouble in article writing.
Your website must be in one direction. If you like to write about marketing stuff or cooking recipes, then you should focus on that particular direction. Do not try to write about the entirely different categories. It will make difficult to understand of a blog specific category.

Preparation For Launching

For Starters, you have to prepare at least twenty articles according to your categories for your blog in advance. One more thing that you have to check that every category should have there at least 2-4 article.

Preparation For a blog
It helps a lot and gives a solid boost to your blog. But not only that, now your blog is also capable of showing ads due to enough post on your blog. Which means, you will be finally able to make some money.

Select Right Platform For a Blog

It’s another step toward your blog. Now, you have to decide you want to go with a premium blog or free blog platform. A premium blog platform such as Self hosted WordPress has plenty of option, where you have the full authorization of your blog. You can do whatever you want to do, want show ads to earn money, whatever would you like. I suggest if you have potential and you have money then go with Premium Blog.

Free Platforms for Blog is available and providing by so many different companies. Where you don’t have the need to spend your single penny on your blog such as.
Now you are beginning to think that the free platform is Better because you don’t have to spend your money. This sounds like a great idea in theory, but there are some huge downsides to using a free blog site.

There are so many disadvantages of free platforms. For this reason, I will not suggest you Free Platform .
i)Subdomain:- You get your URL name along with subdomain provided by hosting company. The general user does not trust a website which has a subdomain. In fact according to recent studies almost 66.28% user does not click on a website in search engine which has a subdomain URL. A subdomain URL also has too many characters ( which make it hard to remember for the user. These are the biggest disadvantages of a subdomain.

ii)Limited Privileges and Limited storage capacity are also a cause of pain. Both things, day by day make you sick as your blog grows bigger and older. Finally, you will have to buy their plans because you don’t have any option left in the end; instead of buying their plans.

iii) Can’t make money is another huge issue for a blogger. If you spent a lot of time for blogging and you are not able to make some money, that’s the worst condition for a blogger. The free platform doesn’t give you authority to show advertise. In spite of that, they will show their own ads and make money on your website.

iii) Low Security and Low SEO performance make your blog slow. The lack of security may not only risk your hard work but your user also. It is hard to maintain SEO performance with low security. There are also other factors responsible for bad SEO performance in the free platform.

iv)Low-class template graphics make your blog less attractive. The free platform offers only limited themes and templates to their user, which have very low graphics. The low graphics theme help to reduce the servers loads. That’s why they offer these themes in the free platform. It is true that for every successful blog you should provide a good quality of service to their user. However, in recent surveys show that for every successful blog you should have a good theme. Which is appropriate to your blog category.

Those are some major drawback for a free platform. Don’t get me wrong: If you really don’t care whether or not your blog will be successful, go with free blogging platforms. They’re an okay way to experience the blogging.

But if you ever want to look dependable, build an audience and make money blogging, then you need your own blog, with your own domain name, with your own hosting. That way, you can make your path more bright and permanent.

Things To Remember

As I already said that blogging is not a joke. Creating a blog takes less than an hour but only creating a blog is not a big deal. You should also need to learn how to manage it. But If you believe in yourselves and do hard work then nothing is impossible.
i) Be sure about your true talent and real passion.
ii) Make a strong impact on social media through your quality post.
iii) Update your old article as well.
iv) Published regular post on your website. Published an at least 2-4 article on a week to get a good rank in SEO.
v)In the end, be Patience and don’t doubt yourself.

If you have any doubt or queries, please ask us using our comment form below here.I’ll help you out with any problems. Please leave your precious suggestion about this article in the comment box and you can subscribe our blog for more.
Best of Luck and Enjoy your new blogging.

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