Top 10 Ideas to Make Money Online From a Website

Everybody love to make money online with the help of the website. But, monetize a website is not an easy thing. There are hundreds of ways to monetize a website or blog, but few of them work properly and really make money. Some methods are easy and helpful to make money instantly. But some methods are complex and required hard work and need time to make money.
In this article, we introduce you with the top 10 ideas of monetizing a website and help you to choose the correct way of monetization and make money.

Make Money Online From A Website

1) Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, also called Cost Per Click. This method of monetizing is very easy and helpful. If you have a created a good blog or website and also have good traffic on it, then go with the PPC advertising program.
There are some big and trusted companies in the market, which is using PPC program for advertisement.

i) Google Adsense
ii) Yahoo Ads Network
iii) Bing Ads Network
iv) Media Net

2) Selling Advertising Space

Selling advertising space is one of the most success full methods of monetization. Through This method, you will not share your profits with others. In this method, you will take money directly from the advertiser on your convenience.
But this method works only if you have a very good rate of daily visitors about 5000 to 10000. otherwise, nobody will purchase your advertising space.

3) Promoting Affiliated Products

Promoting Affiliate Products is also a good way to make money from a blog or website. When you transfer buyers by using your affiliated link through your website to the company and buyer purchased something, then you will earn a small part of the total amount. This amount is fixed according to company affiliated policies such as 20% or 40%. This method required both hard work and time.
There are so many companies, who offer to promote his product and earn money from the affiliate program.

i) Flipkart
ii) Amazon
iii) E-Bay

4) Create and Sell own Product

If you are a creative personality and you have created something that is unique and helpful. Then, this method is best for you. You can sell your own products on your website to the world and make enough money from it.
Through this method, your products become popular and achieve success. But, in this way of monetization you required more hard work compare to other methods.

5) Email Marketing

Email marketing help you to increase both money and visitor. Email marketing basically has two ways to make money.
1) join any email marketing affiliate program and make money from it.

i)  Aweber

ii) Campaign Monitor

iii) Mail Chimp
2) Use your email list to drive more traffic back to your website, where you make money from the different method.
This method will not help you directly to make money. It will only increase your other method earning speed.

6) Selling Services

There are few success ways to make money from the cyber world. Selling services are one of them. If you are well skilled and professionalism in your work. Then, this is a great way to make money from online. You can make money by offering your services online world.
There are so many services, which you offer online such as-
i) you can write the article
ii) You can design anything
iii) you can teach online

7)Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a free and easy way to make money. Today, affiliate marketing make a big role in online businesses.
Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting another company product or services for a commission.
i) Rakuten LinkShare
ii) Commission Junction
ii) ClickBank

There are so many big and trusted companies in the market which offer the affiliate program. To start affiliate marketing, you required a couple of things.
i) A blog or website (where you promote your affiliate products )
ii) Articles writing skill ( to introduce you product to the customer)
iii) A good affiliate program

8) Text Link Advertisement

Text link advertisement is another different way of advertisement. In this way of advertising, you don’t need to paste any advertising banner on your website. The advertiser uses your article text for advertising. They set advertising URL link on your article text.
Text Link Advertisement have both points good and bad.

Good Point- You don’t need to show any banner on your site. Which make your site heavy and ugly
Bad Pont- In this method, every main single world of your article contains an advertising URL link. When the reader clicks on it, it will redirect to advertiser page, which confused your reader.

But, overall I think is a good way to monetize your website.
There are some big Text Link Advertisement companies.
i)  Infolinks
ii) Viglink
iii) Vibrant

9) Use Coupon Code

Basically, a coupon code is a discount code of a product. Every affiliated member contains different coupon code, which refers a permanent member. This is the easy, fast and profitable method to make money online. There are many companies, who offers a discount code to his affiliated member such as Hostgator and Bluehost etc. Viral your coupon code through your website.
When the buyer uses your discount code and product spelled out. Then, the company will be notified the buyer come through that affiliated member. Then the company sends your commission.

10) Promote an Event

If your website is highly famous in your region, then you can make money through promoting the event. The promoting event is different from promoting brands. The event has limited time for advertising where is brand have lifetime validity for advertisement.
You can set yours promoting pricing plans according to monthly or weekly.
Promoting events will not providing money every end of the month like google adseen, but it’s making money faster than google adseen.

In this article, I introduce you with the top 10 working ideas of website monetizing. but, if you have any question regarding this stuff, you can ask us by using our comment form below here

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  1. Deney says:

    Hi Azam

    I love your site content and your post. From these methods, which you explain which one is good to start Earning.

  2. Hello, Deney

    I Recommend You If you have any website then go for Google Adsense otherwise
    select any Affiliate Program.

  3. Rohit says:

    Hi Azam

    I don’t have any website or blog but I want to earn something from the internet
    help me, please.

    Thank You

  4. Hello, Rohit

    If you don’t have any blog or even site. Then go for freelancer
    there you will earn according to your eligibility.

    Thank You

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