What Is FTP

FTP or File Transfer Protocol

FTP stands for both File Transfer Protocol and File Transfer Program. FTP is not only a Protocol for transferring files,  FTP is much more than that. FTP is designed for distributing files to a number of the user. It’s a program or tool that lets you connect to server around the world that run the FTP protocol, giving you access to wide range of program and information. FTP address resembles like HTTP except that instead of http://, it uses ftp://.

File Transfer Protocol FTP

The most popular use of the internet is getting file transfer from one computer to other. The file can be graphics, sound file, digital photographs, compress program, or text file. Most of these files are downloaded using a protocol which is FTP. It also used to upload the file from one computer to other on the Internet. If you run a client program on your computer which connects to a server program on a remote computer. When you copy a file from a remote computer to your own computer, we say that you are DOWNLOADING. We can also say that it is the process of copying file from the server to the client.

When you copy a file from your computer to the remote computer, then you are UPLOADING the file. In simple words, to transmit data from a computer to a network is called uploading.

In FTP technology, your computer is called the Local Host and the server computer is called Remote Host. So, FTP can work both upload and download.

There are two types of  FTP connection available on the Internet.

1)Private FTP Service (NON-ANONYMOUS FTP)

2) Public FTP Service (ANONYMOUSE FTP)

 1) Private FTP Service- Some file on FTP servers is accessible only by a private user such as customer or member of the organization that runs the server. In this type of FTP, the user can download a file from the server only if he creates an account on it. He must have a unique username and password, which is provided by the server to you, and gives you various authorities of privileged access to privet folders called directories.

2 )Public FTP Service- This service is available to all the user on the Internet. If the server supports public access, the public user can log on to the FTP server without opening an account on it. He can just log in by giving Username as anonymous and <e-mail adiress> as a password. Once you logged in,  then user can download any files from FTP servers such as Electronic magazine, news, e-books and much more.,all free of cost.

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